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    Bridging Loans For Apartments

    The great advantage of a bridging loan is the ability to quickly obtain funds for your project. If you’re looking for funding for Apartment bridging finance Loans for conversion purposes, a bridging loan will allow you to commence the process of purchasing, converting or refurbishing the property much faster than normal term finance.

    Borrow Up To 100% Of Apartment Refurbishment Costs

    Typically, property development finance in the form of a bridging loan can be used for a range of purposes, from property renovations and conversions to capital raising and property portfolio expansion. While it’s common for borrowers to require funding for anything from maximum to 75% LTV, 100% of refurbishment costs can also be borrowed. Some lenders will consider inexperienced clients, but a client with experience will find more favour. Inexperienced clients will be carefully monitored by a Monitoring Surveyor to ensure the apartment build/refurbishment is going to plan. Lenders need assurance that correct planning and building control consent is in place and will insist on costs remaining under control to make sure the project is viable.

    Apartment Bridging finance loans for refurbishment projects are also suitable for uninhabitable or derelict properties that are unmortgageable but will be profitable once the work has been completed.


    • No credit check or bank statements
    • 1st, 2nd and 3rd charge loans available
    • No monthly payments
    • No proof of income
    • Interest deducted from loan


    • Market-leading rates from 0.44%
    • 100% when buying under value
    • Loans based on market value
    • Terms from 1-36 months
    • Loans from £50k to £50m


    • Discharged bankrupts welcome
    • Full UK coverage
    • Loans to individuals, LLP’s or limited companies
    • UK non residents welcome

    Friendly, Responsive and Professional

    Our experienced brokers work to arrange industry leading funding solutions across residential and commercial properties throughout the UK.

    Bridging loans for apartments can be used for a range of purposes including:

    • Property renovation
    • Purchasing property at auction
    • Splitting a title from a single residential property to multiple apartments
    • Converting multiple apartments into one title
    • Capital Raising
    • Property conversions
    • Chain break finance
    • Property portfolio expansion
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