How a Bridging Loan Can Help Your Business

September 27, 2016

Bridging Loans can be used for a number of commercial requirements

If you have a property opportunity that requires funds to be available at very short notice, then a bridging loan or bridging finance could be for you. Perhaps you wish to buy at auction, or need to complete within a week or two to lock in a discount from a vendor?

Maybe you have secured an undervalue purchase through clever negotiation, or found a bargain through old fashioned good luck? If this sounds familiar, then a bridging loan could be the right answer for you and your business.


  • Do you need to raise funds in a few days?
  • Do you want to bid for an undervalued or auction property?
  • Do you want to enhance or refurbish a property?
  • Do you have no accounts or proof of income?
  • Did an existing mortgage offer gets pulled?
  • Do you need to pay off arrears?
  • Do you have a short-term cash flow problem?
  • Do you need a deposit to secure another property investment?
  • Are you in a broken residential chain?
  • Do you need a bridging loan?

Unlike many other bridging finance providers, we can arrange a bridging loan based upon the open market value of the property –NOT the purchase price.  This means that in certain circumstances, you could even get 100% of the funds that you need for your property investment.

Unlike many of the major bridging lenders, when you apply for your bridging loan with Tiger Financial, you no longer have to worry about credit checks or having to provide bank statements or Inland Revenue documents.  In fact, you don’t need any proof of income.  All the loans that we arrange are completely NON STATUS – with no affordability checks or credit checks, with the decision to lend based purely upon three factors:

  • The strength of the asset
  • The strength of the borrower
  • How the loan is to be repaid

Because we are also in business, we understand that cash flow and affordability is not always the key to success.  We are interested in your project, your experience and your loan exit – that‘s it!


However, at Tiger Financial, we are looking forward to the future. Our funding lines are open and we are ready to do business!

This article was written by Matthew Dailly, Managing Director of specialist bridging loan company Tiger Financial.

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