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As a leading broker for bridging loans and development finance, we strive to deliver unbeatable rates, creative solutions and industry leading customer service.

Since 2004 we have been trusted by property developers to help navigate the financial maze that is the fragmented bridging loan and development finance market.

Our hard won connections, industry knowledge, professional expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit, mean we will not rest until you achieve a financing outcome perfectly in line with your goals. We firmly believe that your success is our success, so get in touch now to see how we can help ignite your property business.

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Why Should You Use a Specialist Finance Broker Like Tiger Financial?

The bridging loan and property development finance market is fragmented and constantly changing, with a seemingly never-ending choice of lenders, products, appetites, restrictions and deals. It is impossible for anyone other than a specialist broker to truly know what the best and most appropriate deal is at any given time. With over 500 bridging loan lenders, 200 property development finance lenders and 3000 global single family offices on our database, we make it our mission to guide our clients through this financial maze.

As a specialist finance broker, solely focused on the bridging loan and development finance sector, we assist our clients every step of the way, from initial fact find, to financial modelling, deal structuring, file submission and active management through the legal and underwriting process. We use our long experience to influence the underwriters, look ahead for problems and offer solutions where we can, ensuring you the very best chance of a successful financing outcome.

As one of the UK’s leading finance brokers, trading since 2004, our granular knowledge of the market means our clients don’t just benefit from the mainstream funding options, but also our stable of family office private lenders, real estate opportunity funds, venture capitalists and private equity funds, which you simply can’t find with a Google search.

We Will Guide You to a Suitable Lender for Your Project.

How to Apply for Finance Through Tiger Financial.

You can apply for your bridging loan or development finance through Tiger Financial with these easy steps:

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step one : Get in touch

Get in touch. Call or send us your project details and requirements.

step two : we will provide a quote

We will use our experience and market knowledge to get you a selection of quotes that are most suitable for your project.

step three : choose a product/lender
Once you choose which product/lender is right for you, we will send you the application form and a list of supporting documents that you will need to collate.
step four : valuation booked in

The file is submitted, and the valuation is booked in.

step five : document preperation

Once the valuation is received and the underwriting is complete, the loan will be passed to the legal team to prepare the documents for legal completion.

step six : loan complete

Once the legal process is complete, the loan will complete. The average completion time is around 4 weeks, but can be as quickly as 3 days for simple residential bridging with certain specialist lenders.

How Tiger Financial Will Help You Find the Right Bridging Loan or Development Finance.

Tiger Financial has been involved in the property finance market since 2004. Using our granular knowledge of the sector and a database of over 500 bridging loan lenders, 200 property development finance lenders and 3000 global single family offices, we have a funding solution for all types of projects and borrower profiles.

To complement our lender book, we also have extensive relationships with our hard-won network of family office investors, real estate investment managers, private equity and venture capital funds, that allow our property investor clients to unlock great opportunities in the real estate space both in the UK, and certain countries throughout Western Europe. We’ve helped individuals and businesses to raise capital, auction finance & large bridging loans to finance the purchase of existing property.

Case Study: How Tiger Financial Helped a London Based Developer

Tiger was approached by a London based developer who wanted a London bridging loan of £5million to purchase a development site in Greenwich with outline planning consent that had an open market value of £6m. The sale was a distressed sale, so the client was under pressure to complete within 28 days.

Tiger arranged for an urgent bridging loan to allow the developer to buy the site and secure the under-value price. Once the site had been acquired, and while the land was going through the planning process, Tiger arranged a £12million stretched senior property development finance package equivalent to 90% loan to cost.

Stretched senior development finance is a hybrid senior / mezzanine financing package at much higher leverage than normal senior development finance and has the benefit of only requiring one lender, thereby streamlining the process and saving the client a considerable sum on fees and valuations.

Due to the COVID pandemic, the London development had been delayed through a shortage of materials and labour. Towards the end of the development period, it became apparent that not all of the properties would be sold. To assist the developer in repaying the development finance, and to allow them to release some of the equity in the scheme, Tiger arranged for a development exit bridging loan at 75% of the full open market value of the property.

Why Use a Bridging Loan or Development Finance Broker?

A broker’s job is to make sure you get the best deal possible. We will fight for your interest, negotiating hard and getting rates as low as possible, reducing lender fees wherever they can and pushing through any negatives that a lender may see with your application. Why not use our exclusive bridging loan calculator.

In this fast-paced market, the best lender for you today may not be the best tomorrow. Every lender is different – with constantly changing credit policy and products. This is where a broker market knowledge is invaluable.

Specialist brokers are there to help you every step of the way. We’re not just for finding a lender, we want the best deal and will work with you until completion. Why don’t you check out our bridging loan comparison tool.

Dealing with your application from initial submission through to completion involves a huge amount of work A broker manages a lot of this legwork for you, leaving you free to focus on executing your business plan and delivering a successful property project.

As an experienced broker, we know exactly when the deadlines are at risk of getting too close, when people need to be pushed and when they need to be pushed and when they should be left to complete tasks. When you are busy focusing on your development, the last thing you needs is to be asked for myriad pieces of information. Having seen it all before, we can pre-empt what needs to be done in good time, thereby ensuring a smooth, orderly and stress fee loan application process.

There are many different types of lender, but not all lenders are the same. Some ask for lots of data before they make a loan decision, some don’t; some require a personal guarantee, others are more flexible. Some lenders have a minimum or maximum loan size, geographic or asset class preference, some will only lend to experienced developers. With nearly 1000 lenders on our database, it is essential to use an experienced broker to find out which one is best for your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions.

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Does Tiger Financial assist in the loan or finance process?

Absolutely! We’re on your side and with you every step of the way as we help you to secure funding for your projects and achieve greater heights. We have access to a huge network of lenders to ensure we can match your circumstances to a suitable source of finance.

What is the difference between a Bridging Loan and Development Finance?

While there are many similarities between the two, the main difference is that with Development Finance, funding is usually released incrementally by the lender throughout the duration of the project. At varying stages of completion, as the value of the property increases, additional funds are released with the new property value serving as collateral.

What is the difference between a bridging loan and a mortgage?

The difference between bridging finance and a mortgage is that the loan can be secured against a property that may not be suitable for a normal term loan i.e, an uninhabitable property that is to be refurbished, a property whose title will be changed, or if the class of use of the property is to be changed throughout the course of the loan. In fact there are many different uses for a bridging loan.

Funds are available much more quickly than a mortgage; typically within 3-4 weeks, and the bridge loan is often based on the OMV of the property, rather than the purchase price, which is useful when buying BMV or from a receiver/auction house.

Also, the interest payments for the bridging loan facility can be rolled up throughout the term, which means there would be no monthly interest payments to worry about.

How long can bridging finance be taken out for?

As a short-term loan, they are generally taken out for between 3-12 months, but can be for up to two years.

How much can I borrow for property development?

The amount you can borrow and the interest rate are dependent on many factors. Below is a list of the main factors that affect the loan amount that you can borrow for your property finance:

• Borrower’s experience
• Borrower’s credit history
• Borrowers background net worth
• The land cost/purchase price
• The build cost/refurbishment cost.
• The gross development value
• Whether it is a new build, mixed use or multi unit.
• The feasibility

Who can benefit from Development Finance?
Development finance is typically sought by individuals or companies that are looking to undertake a property developmental project but face issues securing funding via traditional routes such as mortgages. Development finance can be used in various ways from the initial land acquisition to covering all the costs of construction.
How much can I borrow for a Buy-to-Let Mortgage?
This entirely depends on the size of your deposit, your personal situation, and most importantly, the rental income you will receive from the property. Lenders usually require you to earn more in rent than your monthly mortgage payment.
Do I have to pay a larger deposit for Buy-to-Let Mortgages?
Yes, this is usually the case. Lenders typically ask for a deposit of between 25% and 40% of the property value, meaning you will need a significantly higher deposit than you would for a residential mortgage.
What are the benefits of a Commercial Mortgage?
The interest on your commercial mortgage is tax-deductible. In addition, any subsequent increase in the value of your property will be reflected in your capital.
Are Commercial Mortgage interest rates high?
While Commercial Mortgage interest rates may be higher than those charged for a residential mortgage, you are more likely secure better interest rates than if you take out a typical business loan.
Who can benefit from 100% Development Finance?
From experienced main contractors to experienced developers facing cashflow issues due to the right project emerging at the wrong time, 100% Development Finance can be invaluable for anyone who needs entire funding for a project without any upfront costs.
How is 100% Development Finance repaid?
Great question! The payback terms of 100% Development Finance differ from lender to lender. Some lenders require a 50/50 profit share. In other instances, you might be required to pay interest on funds in exchange for splitting the profits in your favour. In order to entirely avoid profit sharing, additional collateral is necessary.