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We arrange short term property bridging
loans and development finance

At Tiger Financial, we specialise in getting the loan you need, at a price that’s right, whilst delivering market leading service.

As a leading bridging loan and development finance broker, we invest time to fully understand your business strategy and funding requirements. Using our granular knowledge of the industry, we will guide you through the finance maze.


Why use a Bridging Loan or Development Finance Broker?


We can save you money

A good broker will fight your corner, negotiating to get the rate as low as possible, reducing lender fees where possible and pushing to overcome any negatives the lender may perceive with the application. Why not use our bridging loan calculator?

The market is always changing

As the market evolves so quickly, the best lender today may not be the best tomorrow. Also, every lender varies, right down to how their credit department view applications.

Independent advice

A bridging loan broker is the gateway between you and your goal. We are on your side and our job is to get the best deal for your circumstances. This is true of all parts of the process, not just finding the right lender. Why not check out our bridging loan comparison tool.

Time is money

Dealing with your application from initial application through to completion in such a short timescale involves a huge amount of work. A broker manages a lot of the legwork for you, leaving you free to focus on the jobs that only you can complete, such as supplying personal information and documents.


When you’re really backed into a corner and constantly being asked for information, rushing to meet people for surveys and legal work, it is obviously extremely stressful. An experienced broker will know exactly when the deadlines are at risk of getting too close, when people need to be pushed and when they should be left to complete the task they are working on. A controlled and closely managed system is clearly far less stressful.

Lender selection

There are many different types of lender.  Some have a very low risk profile, so ask for lots of data, some lenders are quick, ask for minimal paperwork, and will lend on most types of property asset. Some development lenders require a personal guarantee; others don’t. There are so many variables, using an experienced broker is the only way to truly know you will be getting the best deal.

Bridging Loans and Development Finance Brokers

Bridging Loans

  • Loans from £50,000 to £100 million +
  • Loan terms from 1 to 24 months
  • Competitive rates from 0.45%
  • Fast loan turnaround time
  • 100% of purchase price up to 75% LTV

Development Finance

  • Loans from £50,000 to £100 million +
  • 90% loan to cost stretched senior; keep all profit
  • 100% development finance with profit share
  • Mezzanine finance up to 75% LTGDV
  • Bridging loans for acquisition
bridging loan property development

Case Studies

Whether you’re looking to finance land in Leeds or a house in Hounslow, click to view a selection of our bridging loan success stories.

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Bridging Loan Uses

As a specialist broker, we will guide you through the maze, and lead you to the most suitable lender for your project.

  • Buying under value from an LPA Receiver
  • Purchasing before planning permission
  • Buying at auction
  • Borrowing against value not purchase price
  • Development and refurbishment
  • Buying with a deferred consideration
  • Developing an uninhabitable property
  • You wish to split the title
  • When conventional credit is refused
  • You need working capital
  • You want no monthly payments
  • When you need finance fast

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