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    A Flexible and Reliable Line of Finance for Care Homes

    The care home sector, like any other commercial enterprise, requires a flexible and reliable line of finance. Unlike other commercial enterprises, however, loans to fund Care Homes bridging finance are usually based on asset value, not business value. In addition, the LTV is often low, so borrowers looking for bridging loans do need to be realistic.

    The choice of bridging loan providers willing to lend on occupied care homes is less than that for other commercial assets; this is due to the potential risk to a lender’s reputation should they find themselves in a position where repossession or eviction is a possibility.

    Finance Brokers With Access To The Best Lenders

    The good news is that whether you require funding for your expanding care home portfolio or to carry out a Care Homes bridging finance refurbishment, our specialists have over a decade of experience in brokering bespoke bridging and development funding.

    With more than a decade’s experience in the bridging loan market and exclusive access to lenders who are happy to lend in this space, we can always find the right funding for any project.

    With our exclusive access to a network of family office and private investors, we'll find the right bridging loan for your care home project.


    • Purchasing an investment property
    • Property refurbishment


    • Property Development
    • Installation/upgrade of equipment


    • Auction purchases
    • Portfolio expansion

    Friendly, Responsive and Professional

    Our experienced brokers work to arrange industry leading funding solutions across residential and commercial properties throughout the UK.

    Reliable Finance Options For The Care Home Sector

    • No monthly payments
    • No proof of income
    • Interest deducted from loan
    • Loans to individuals, LLP’s or limited companies
    • Terms from 1-24 months
    • Loans from £100k to £50m
    • England only
    • Market-leading rates from 0.65%
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