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    Bridging Loans For Factories And Industrial Properties

    The industrial sector, like any other commercial enterprise, requires a flexible and reliable line of finance. Due to the complexity of this market, the choice of factory bridging finance loans providers willing to lend on each different market segment varies enormously.

    From valuation and costs to planning and labour, borrowers need to demonstrate they have a sound business plan and that they’re a viable, experienced business. When seeking factory bridging finance Loans for former industrial buildings it also important to bear in mind that these are typically based on bricks and mortar value, not the business or equipment value.

    Why Use a Broker?

    From factory bridging finance loans and disused warehouses to former power stations, transforming and converting industrial properties presents the potential for substantial rewards. An experienced bridging loan broker like Tiger Financial will ensure you achieve the optimal funding in line with your business needs.

    At Tiger Financial we have access to bridging and development lenders who are happy to lend in this space. Our expertise lies in delivering very fast turnarounds and flexible terms for our clients along with market-leading rates, to ensure we achieve the optimal funding for their business needs.

    Funding can be arranged for borrowers in every situation:


    • Numerous assets qualified as security
    • Tailored to individual project
    • No credit check or bank statements
    • 1st, 2nd and 3rd charge loans available
    • No monthly payments
    • Loans to individuals, LLP’s or limited companies


    • No proof of income
    • Interest deducted from loan
    • Market-leading rates from 0.55%
    • 100% available with additional security
    • Loans based on Market Value


    • Terms from 1-36 months
    • Loans from £100k to £50m
    • Discharged bankrupts welcome
    • All of UK coverage
    • No set criteria

    Friendly, Responsive and Professional

    Our experienced brokers work to arrange industry leading funding solutions across residential and commercial properties throughout the UK.

    Why Tiger Financial?