Bridging Types

Residential Parks.

At Tiger Financial, we specialise in finding the right funding for your project, as quickly and cost efficiently as possible.

Bridging Loans for Residential Parks in England and Wales.

As a leading bridging loan broker, we invest time to fully understand your business strategy and funding requirements. Using our granular knowledge of the industry, we guarantee to find the best deal possible. Not only do we work with our tried and tested lender panel, we also have exclusive access to a network of family office and private investors, who can fund projects outside of normal lending criteria.

Residential parks are becoming an increasingly popular option for investors looking to expand their portfolio. As a result of tightening lending criteria from mainstream banks and financial institutions, many investors and developers seek a flexible alternative.

Bridging loans for residential parks offer a tailored financial solution, with minimum loan amounts from £100k, and no upper limit depending on the individual project and buyer profile. Adverse credit history is also not a deciding factor in acceptance for a loan.

Prior to taking out bridging loans for residential parks, land ownership should be determined in order to understand the security purposes of the residential park for the loan. Most lenders will evaluate loan amount depending on vacant possession value.

Using Our Well-Established Network of High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices, Hedge Funds and the Whole Market When Required, We Strive to Get Your Project Funded, Even When the Banks Say No.

  • Purchase at auction (see auction finance)
  • Renovation or property conversion
  • Capital raise to ease cash flow

As a specialist bridging loan broker, we can provide you with access to public house finance, tailored to your individual requirements. Many mainstream lenders have strict criteria when arranging finance for pubs, which restricts the options of many potential investors. Bridging loans offer a dependable alternative to fund your project, and extend the viable security options to ensure you can obtain the funds you need quickly. At Tiger Financial, we can provide access to an exclusive choice of lenders who can offer flexible bridging loan finance solutions for your project. When applying for bridging loans for pubs, adverse credit history is not the deciding factor for application acceptance. This depends on client buyer profile and other external factors, including the project itself

Furthering Your Residential Park with a Bridging Loan

There are numerous reasons why developers and investors may require a bridging loan including:

  • Additional funds are needed quickly in order to acquire the residential park.
  • Redevelopment of the residential park is needed.
  • Funds need to be available much more quickly than a traditional bank loan.
  • Conversion of existing land into a residential park is required.
  • A secured traditional loan from a mainstream bank is unavailable for the residential park.

At Tiger Financial, we can provide you with access to an exclusive network of high net-worth investors, hedge funds and office funds. The bridging loans for residential parks sourced by us are bespoke. Loan terms range from 1-24 months, with no set criteria as long as the deal makes sense.

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